Request For Proposals: As the launch of The Node.js Certified Developer exam goes into alpha, the Node.js Foundation seeks to identify the appropriate resources to maintain the certification exam in the long-term. We are gathering requirements to maintain the exam and define the requirements of a Technical Certification Maintainer. Submission deadline is June 6, 2018

The Node.js Certified Developer program was created by the Node.js Foundation, in collaboration with The Linux Foundation and Node.js contributors, to help develop the Node.js ecosystem.

The Node.js Foundation is committed to growing the community of Node.js developers, thereby allowing continued growth across the broad set of companies and organizations that are using Node.js. Certification is a key step in that process, allowing certified developers to quickly establish their credibility and value in the job market, and also allowing companies to more quickly hire high-quality teams to support their growth.


Cost $300 | Online Exam

About the Program

The Node.js Foundation offers a certification program that allows users to demonstrate their competence in a hands-on, command-line environment. The purpose of the Node.js Certified Developer (NCD) program is to provide assurance that NCDs have the skills, knowledge, and competency to perform the responsibilities of an intermediate Node.js developer.

It is an online, proctored, performance-based test that requires solving topic domains from a command line.

Node.js have published the outline around which the NCD exam has been created for the benefit of companies offering training and individuals preparing for examination.

Exam Details

The online exam consists of a set of performance-based items to be solved in a command line and is expected to take 3.5 hours to complete.

The Certification focuses on the skills required to be a successful Node.js developer today. This includes these general domains and their weights on the exam:

  • Unit Testing 5%
  • Diagnostics (Basics, Debugging, Performance) 5%
  • HTTP(S)/TCP 11%
  • Events 9%
  • Child Processes (Basics, no IPC/fork) 7%
  • Buffer and Streams 9%
  • Error Handling 7%
  • File System 7%
  • Control flow (Async tasks, Callbacks) 10%
  • CLI (-E, -R, etc) 3%
  • Package.json 5%
  • JavaScript Prerequisites (Closures, prototypes, var/let/const) 6%
  • Security 5%
  • Module system (Scope) 6%
  • Process/Operating System (no IPC) 5%

The cost is $300 and includes one free retake if unsuccessful.

Exam Resources

  • Candidate Handbook
  • Exam Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Certification and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Verify Certification