We have an amazing community store that you can check out here. The community store has various Node.js goods for purchase. If you are a student-group, running a Node.js meetup or you are a Node.js Project collaborator (current list of collaborators found here) attending a conference and you would like to bring swag, you have the opportunity to receive free swag from the Node.js Community Store.

We have a limited budget for how much swag we are able to give out, so please keep this in mind when you make your requests. We will try to accommodate you as much as possible. Please note we are only able to provide swag for events that have a code of conduct.

If you are running a larger Node.js or JavaScript conference and are looking to partner with the Node.js Foundation, please reach out to us to discuss opportunities. We ONLY partner with events that have a code of conduct (you may reference and copy our Code of Conduct), and in most cases we are not able to sponsor the event, we can only offer partnership opportunities.

For both the swag and partnership opportunities, please email us at pr@nodejs.org.

A few Node.js working groups are working with the Node.js Foundation community team on swag bags. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please send a note to Tracy Lee (tracy@thisdot.co) and Ann Marie Tonog (annmarie@thisdot.co). This option is only open to Node.js working groups, which are listed here.