Keynotes for Node.js Interactive Focus on the Future of the Platform

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From October 4–6 developers, software architects, engineers, and community organizers will gather in Vancouver, British Columbia for Node.js Interactive — an event hosted by the Node.js Foundation. The conference features keynotes, presentations and workshops that are aimed to help Node.js users better understand how to work with Node.js and JavaScript as well as best practices in contributing to the project. Continue reading on Medium Read More

Hello, I’m Mark Hinkle, the new Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation; Ask Me Anything

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I am very pleased to be the the new Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation or maybe more appropriately I’ve taken the mask of the Dread Pirate Roberts of the Node.js Foundation. I say this with tongue-in-cheek as I am here to help ensure that Node.js continues to be a healthy, growing ecosystem long after I am long gone. Continue reading on Node.js Foundation Medium Read More