Node.js Foundation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives from corporate members, a representative of the Technical Steering Committee, and representatives elected by the individual membership class.

  • Platinum Director, Chairperson: Todd Moore, Vice President of Open Technology at IBM
  • Platinum Director, Vice Chairperson: Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy, GCP, Google
  • Platinum Director: Steve Tuck, COO at Joyent
  • Platinum Director: Gaurav Seth, Group Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Gold Director: Charlie Robbins, Senior Director of Engineering UX Platform, GoDaddy
  • Silver-Level Director: Brian McCallister, Chief Architect, Groupon
  • Individual Director (2017-2019): William Kapke
  • Community Committee Director: Tracy Hinds
  • TSC Director: Myles Borins


Mike Dolan
Interim Executive Director
Michael Dolan is the Interim Executive Director for the Node.js Foundation and VP of Strategic Programs supporting open source projects and legal programs at The Linux Foundation.
Brian Warner
Program Director
Brian is responsible for Node.js Foundation operations and management.
Sarah Conway
Vice President, Communications
Sarah sets strategic communications direction and oversees press and analyst engagements for the Node.js Foundation.
Rachel Romoff
PR and Social Media
Rachel supports public relations and social media efforts for the Node.js Foundation.
Amanda Ennis
Digital Media Marketing Manager
Amanda will be working on social media and collaborating with Rachel and others for content.
Emily Ruf
Conference and Meeting Planner
Emily is the Conference and Meeting Planner for the Node.js Foundation.
Kaitlyn Barnard
Marketing Program Manager
Kaitlyn manages marketing programs for the Node.js Foundation including blogs, case studies, and newsletters.
Tracy Lee
Community Relations
Tracy and the This Dot team help facilitate community and developer relations for the Node.js Foundation.
Ann Marie Tonog
Community Relations
Ann Marie and the This Dot team help facilitate community and developer relations for the Node.js Foundation.

The Node.js Technical Steering Committee
The Node.js project is sponsored by the Node.js Foundation and maintained by individual Collaborators. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) membership consists of key Collaborators who have demonstrated both technical expertise critical to the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the project and a long-term commitment to driving the project and community forward.

Current list of TSC members here.

The Node.js Community Committee
The Community Committee is a top-level committee in the Node.js Foundation focused on community-facing efforts. The Community Committee reflects a formal role in the governance of the Node.js project. The formation of this group as a committee alongside the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) demonstrates that community-focused contributions are valued by the contributors of Node.js.

More on the Community Committee members and its initiatives here.

Contributing to Node.js
If you are interested in contributing to Node.js, head here.