Node.js Foundation Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of representatives from corporate members, a representative of the Technical Steering Committee, and representatives elected by the individual membership class.

  • Platinum Director, Chairperson: Todd Moore, Vice President of Open Technology at IBM
  • Platinum Director, Vice-Chairperson: Scott Hammond, Chief Executive Officer at Joyent
  • Platinum Director: Gaurav Seth, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft
  • Platinum Director: Sarah Novotny, Head of Open Source Strategy, GCP, Google
  • Platinum Director: Mark Skarpness, Vice President, Software and Services Group at Intel
  • Gold Director: Danese Cooper, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff – open source at PayPal
  • Silver-Level Director: Marten Mickos, CEO, hackerone
  • Silver-Level Director: Brian McCallister, CTO of Platform, Groupon
  • Individual Director (2016-2018): Ashley Williams
  • Individual Director (2017-2019): William Kapke
  • TSC Director: Myles Borins


Mark Hinkle
Executive Director
Mark is the Executive Director for the Node.js Foundation.
Mark is an Apache Software Foundation committer for Apache CloudStack and a member of its Project Management Committee (PMC). He served as vice president of community at, acquired by Citrix, and went on to run the Citrix Open Source Business Office. As a steward for Citrix open source efforts, he sat on the Xen Project Board of Advisors. Earlier in his career, Mark drove marketing strategy and execution at Zenoss. This resulted in widespread community growth and commercial adoption of the Zenoss Core open source project. He has also served as the Editor in Chief of both Enterprise Open Source and LinuxWorld Magazines.
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Annie Fisher
Program Manager
Annie is the Program Manager for the Node.js Foundation.
Sarah Conway
Sr. Director, Communications
Sarah sets strategic communications direction and oversees press and analyst engagements for the Node.js Foundation.
Greg Wallace
Sr. Director of Marketing
Greg runs marketing programs and content for the Node.js Foundation.
Zibby Keaton
PR Manager
Zibby manages the Node.js Foundation communications channels, including twitter, Medium, Node Collections.
Min Yu
Sr. Operations Analyst
Min Yu is the Sr. Operations Analyst for the Node.js Foundation.
Lara Taback
Event Manager
Lara is the Event Manager for the Node.js Foundation.
Shawn Preissner
Integrated Marketing Manager
Shawn manages marketing programs and content for the Node.js Foundation.
Tracy Lee
Community Relations
Tracy and the This Dot team help facilitate community and developer relations for the Node.js Foundation.
Ann Marie Tonog
Community Relations
Ann Marie and the This Dot team help facilitate community and developer relations for the Node.js Foundation.
Emily Ruf
Conference and Meeting Planner
Emily is the Conference and Meeting Planner for the Node.js Foundation.

Collaborators and the Technical Steering Committee
The Node.js project is sponsored by the Node.js Foundation and maintained by individual Collaborators. The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) membership consists of key Collaborators who have demonstrated both technical expertise critical to the ongoing maintenance and evolution of the project and a long term commitment to driving the project and community forward.

You can read more about how to become a collaborator and a TSC member in the contributing section.

Current collaborators
The Node.js Project currently has well over 300 contributors actively working on different areas of the project. The current list of contributors can be found on the project’s GitHub profile.

Current Members

addaleax – Anna Henningsen
ChALkeR – Сковорода Никита Андреевич
cjihrig – Colin Ihrig
evanlucas – Evan Lucas
fhinkel – Franziska Hinkelmann
Fishrock123 – Jeremiah Senkpiel
indutny – Fedor Indutny
jasnell – James M Snell
joshgav – Josh Gavant
joyeecheung – Joyee Cheung
mcollina – Matteo Collina
mhdawson – Michael Dawson
mscdex – Brian White
MylesBorins – Myles Borins
ofrobots – Ali Ijaz Sheikh
rvagg – Rod Vagg
shigeki – Shigeki Ohtsu
targos – Michaël Zasso
thefourtheye – Sakthipriyan Vairamani
trevnorris – Trevor Norris
Trott – Rich Trott

TSC Emeriti

bnoordhuis – Ben Noordhuis
chrisdickinson – Chris Dickinson
isaacs – Isaac Z. Schlueter
nebrius – Bryan Hughes
orangemocha – Alexis Campailla
piscisaureus – Bert Belder