Leading vendors, consultants and enterprise end-users have joined the Node.js Foundation to ensure the ongoing vitality of this critical technology..

Join your industry peers in helping build and shape the ecosystem for Node.js. As the leading framework for digital transformation, Node.js is driving radical improvements in application performance, scalability and responsiveness.

Of course, as open source projects hosted by The Linux Foundation, we welcome anyone to get involved in the Node.js Foundation’s development community, regardless of membership status.  Please visit the Community page for details on technical calls, mailing lists, Github, and more.  If you are interested in learning more about corporate membership, please see the details below and let us know if we can answer any questions.

Node.js Foundation Membership is open to businesses and individuals as a member-supported organization. The Node.js Foundation Individual Director is the Node.js project’s community voice on the board. There are two individual directors that sit on the Node.js Foundation board and each serves a two-year, staggered term. Individual members elect a representative to the Board of Directors in January of each year who are responsible for representing the diverse needs of the Node.js community in the administration of the Node.js Foundation.

Becoming an Individual Member

Individual membership costs $100 a year, or $25 for students. Contributors to the Node.js project, including all Working Groups and sub-projects, are eligible for free membership. Please contact us for discount codes. You are required to have a GitHub account to register.

Benefits of being an Individual Member:

  • You have a vote and voice on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors through the two above-mentioned elected Individual Membership Directors.
  • 20% off regular price registration to Node Interactive 2017

Corporate Sponsorship

Your company can join the Node.js Foundation at the below membership levels. All pricing is based on annual membership fees.

Platinum Member $250,000 (USD)
Gold Member $100,000 (USD): 5,000 and above
$75,000 (USD): 2,000 – 4,999
$50,000 (USD): Under 2,000
Silver Member  $20,000 (USD): 2,000 and above
$15,000 (USD): 500 – 2,000
$10,000 (USD): 100 – 500
$5,000 (USD): Under 100